My service to people is to fulfill their need in a search for true life purpose. Life purpose expresses itself in many forms and it is not always easy to fulfill this purpose because our internal obstacles often prevent us from claiming our true identity and from radiating our authentic essence. The causes most commonly spring from the subtle levels, and as they go unexpressed, unrecognized or unacknowledged, they make their way to physical expression.

My expertise includes an energy spiritual modality (hands on healing), which works on all levels of human individuated consciousness to re-align ones internal architecture with essential truth. This work facilitates the connection of the subtle and spiritual aspects of the human to their gross physical being to bring wholeness. As we address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, DNA and divine codes you begin to heal and become an organic extension of our global planetary evolution.

It is of utmost importance that all efforts to succeed are held within the heart of you who are seeking this work, which is essentially expressing the truth held within your own consciousness.