Vladimir TurekDISCLAIMER:

There is no cure for anything unless a particular person makes an effort to cure himself or herself and to get better. My role here is to assist on a journey of life and to become a facilitator for positive changes in the life of a person seeking my help. This way, I can make apparent ‘miracles’ happen, but it is the effort of my client, which triggers and brings a shift in their health and life circumstances.

Also, this approach doesn’t substitute for any part of a treatment program given by healthcare professionals and an established healthcare system. It must be understood that this is an unusual path towards recovery of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual conditions in a person’s state of being, a recovery triggered by an unified effort of a person, a practitioner and Spirit whatever this word means to you. Only a responsibility towards one’s Self and your own life’s path will help you to recover from conditions, which seem to be unrecoverable if looking at the surface of things.

~Vladimir Turek