Make A Special Payment

Make a Special Payment:

Thank you for wanting to make a SPECIAL PAYMENT to Proximity To Wholeness for Services and/or Products. Before completing your payment and paying, please make sure you have the correct amount written down that you will be paying.  

If you need to request the amount from us, you can use our EMAIL FORM or call, 505-629-2036, to get the information you need.

Click on the “Make a Special Payment” Button  below to make a payment online. You will be directed to Paypal. There you will you enter the amount for your payment. Click on the ‘Price per Item’ field and enter your amount before clicking on ‘CONTINUE’ button   to sign into Paypal and complete your payment.  Paypal will add NM tax onto your total if you are a resident of New Mexico but you have to sign-in to determine the tax.  Paypal is free and safe to use to make payments. It is easy to signup if you don’t have an account.


If you choose to make a payment by check or money order, write down the services you require with the amount on a piece of paper.  Then make your payment out to Vladimir Turek and bring or send your payment to:

PO Box  32792
Santa Fe, NM 87594.

Questions or Problems? Please call, 505-629-2036 , or use our contact form for more information.