Flower Essence Therapy for Spiritual Healing

About Flower Essences


Flower essences are water infusions stabilized with the energy pattern (vibration) of flowers chosen for their unique abilities to heal the human energy system. They support us to expand our consciousness beyond its present state and to healthfully process our emotions and understand our inner soul urgings.

The flower, being the highest manifestation of the plant, is used for the essence to which it imparts its resonance and etheric imprint. When ingested or introduced into the human energy field, it holds its vibrational resonance and raises the resonance of the auric (mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.) bodies, clearing them of negativity, which then leads to a clearing in the physical body.

The personalized flower essence combination for you was created by connecting with Spirit and asking what flower essence combination will most support you in your healing journey and soul’s growth and evolution at this time on your life’s path. This powerful, yet subtle vibrational medicine helps you shift in consciousness and release dysfunctional patterns. The effects of this gift of the Plant Kingdom are beautiful: we begin to resonate in harmony with the qualities of the flower to where limitations and disharmonies begin to change.

Flower essences are liquid infusions of flowers that are usually taken orally or under the tongue. Flower essences may also be used topically, in massage oil and in baths, and even in nose drops and eye drops. Each essence conveys the specific pattern of that flower and they are highly effective and safe to use. Their beneficial powers come from the life force inherent in the flowers themselves. The flower essences actually take light particles into the electrical field. The flower is the highest state of the plant’s expression. The water becomes charged with the divine imprint of the flower’s vibrational signature.

Paracelsus, a great healer of the 16th century, collected dew from flowers to treat his patients. Dr. Edward Bach was a modern pioneer who researched flower essences extensively in the 1930’s, and created the Bach Remedies. Recently there has been a resurgence of flower essence research, as the time is approaching for flower essences to be elevated to their destined role as primary medicine for the 21st century. In Lemuria, flower essences were used to promote the evolution of consciousness, as disease was rare. We know that releasing the spiritual and medicinal properties stored in the flower is one of the great keys to unfolding the divine plan for planet earth. Flower essences work on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. They balance your energy body, where wellness begins, these flower essences assist our ability to hold the frequency of ecstasy. Use flower essences alone or as an adjunct to any other healing modality.

The time is here for flowers to do the healing and assist us in raising our consciousness and our frequencies. We are in a new age of consciousness. Native American prophecy has called this time ‘the time the flowers will become our teachers and healers’. This is indeed what is happening. Many people are finding that flower essences are one of the most effective healing modalities now available. Flowers are the medicine we need for balance and tone. Flower essences can widen the frequency response of the mind.

We feel that the way in which the essences are made is important. All of star’s essences are guaranteed to be made with loving care, integrity and respect, in co-creation with nature.

Flowers are gifts from mother earth telling us how much she loves us. Experience the world as a beautiful Garden of God.

Personalized Flower Essences

Personalized combinations made specifically for you. Cost is based on size of bottle. Please email us to get your personalized flower essence combination after purchase.

.5oz bottle  (4 weeks supply)  $24 (+ tax if in NM; shipping included)

1oz bottle (6-8 weeks supply)  – $39  (+ tax if in NM; shipping included)

Your flower essence will be shipped out within 3 days of purchase.


Example of A Flower Essence Prescription

Personalized flower essence combination for J.S. 1-4-2014. Made out of collection of 1400 flowers

Articulate Expression


Cosmos bipinnatus

Clear and coherent communication

Easily put thoughts into words and authentically express ideas with the help of this cosmic essence. Addresses eloquent, articulate and effective speech, and the ability to integrate and organize information and convey one’s true inspiration. Harmonizes thinking and speaking for comprehensible expression. Brightens soul force and helps introverts shine! May be helpful for stuttering, dyslexia, autism, add/adhd… Any area involving speaking and the desire to express oneself clearly, calmly and confidently. Also good when one feels “scattered” and has too many areas of focus- helps center in the present moment and focus on one subject at a time. Be now. You have plenty of time- to think, to speak, to do.


Poison oak flower

Toxicodendron diversilobum

Graceful vulnerability; safe to be close and be seen

This profound essence brings the gifts of emotional openness and sweet connection. It supports ability to display emotion and to get up close and personal, and make contact with others. Be open to intimacy and experience it with elegance, honesty, willingness and ease. Have courage to be Vulnerable and emotionally and spiritually exposed, with gentle and joyous self-acceptance. Helps us to create reasonable boundaries and release inhibitions. For long-term and established relationships, this essence can reveal even deeper levels of understanding, compassion, connection- and forgiveness. Poison oak also addresses patience, and the release of irritation. If someone or something is “rubbing you the wrong way”, this essence can help to soften feelings and adjust perspectives! And of course-this essence can be beneficial in treating physical break-outs of poison oak, and other skin irritations such rashes, acne, etc.

Expanded Awareness

Cannabis flower

cannabis sativa

Enhanced creativity; mood elevation; serenity

Open to the joy. The expanded awareness flower essence has many gifts!! It helps us to perceive broader, wider spectrums of light and sound. It can help to generate ecstatically good cheer, possible hilarity. It increases yin qualities. It enhances creativity, relaxation, focus, and serenity.the cannabis flower essence can lighten our mood, adjust our attitude. We can see things as funnier- the lighter side. It is also calming. Use in eye-drops. Nice as a meditation enhancer. It brings people closer together at a deeper level. It can be energy giving with a desire to accomplish tasks. It can help with insomnia. Redirect thoughts of pain. See things in a different perspective, encourage positivity. It also has aphrodisiac possibilities.

Additional Essenses:

Sensitive plant-hawaii

“I sense ethereal nuance”

The leaves close or “sleep” when touched, dealing with acute energetic sensitivity, energy dispersal, awaken asleep or closed places in the body, enhance and welcome deep sensitivity, overwhelmed, effortlessness, joy in sensitivity, self-care support for sensitive etheric, empathic, blue ray souls. Gallbladder meridian.

White Rose

“I am growing spiritually”

Love, devotion, compassion, heart healing, grief, motherhood, spiritual purity of the heart, support our spiritual awakening process, ability to commune with angels and devas and god.

How To Use:

Back to Center

Emotional balance-wellness

Feel emotionally and energetically supported by the flowers during times of emotional healing and transformation. You can take back to center before, during, or after healing treatments to help you integrate emotional shifts in your nervous system. This formula will re-stabilize your energy field after massage, energy healing, bodywork, counseling, etc.

Venus Transit (June 5, 2012)

Reincorporating the waves of energy and gifts of light given during this gateway. This essence is supported by the frequencies of red rose and rose quartz to add gentle heart healing and unconditional love as we journey to remembering who we are, great creator beings.

Futher notes on Flower Essences:

Apart from herbal medicine, which utilizes biochemical constituents of particular flowers for healing, there is a type of therapy that utilizes flowers for their energy, known as flower essence therapy (FET). FET is generally regarded as a complementary therapy in which flower essences are used to treat spiritual, mental, and emotional dysfunctions and, indirectly, physical illness. Many users describe flower essences as medicine for the soul due to the belief that the spirit of the flower connects with the spirit of the person to offer gentle but powerful guidance on how to course-correct their mind and emotions to stay on their spiritual path.

Flower essences are energetic pattern-infused water solutions, typically preserved with alcohol, made from individual plant flowers; each contain a specific imprint that responds in a repairing and rebuilding manner to imbalances in humans. A flower essence practitioner chooses appropriate flower essences for a client based on the client’s emotional or psychological state, or people can use FET by means of self-prescription.

It is purported that flower essences were used by the ancient Egyptians, Indians, East Asians, South Americans, Australian aborigines, and, from the Middle Ages at least, Europeans. A doctor who was working with a Nyoongah aboriginal community in Western Australia supposedly discovered the oldest known living tradition of flower essences, dating back at least 40,000 years. The 16th-century European alchemist, Paracelsus, believed that a remedy for every disease can be found in nature, and he is known to have discovered special properties of dew.

An Englishman, Dr. Edward Bach, is credited with the resurgence of flower essences in the 1930s. Bach was medically trained as a physician, pathologist, and bacteriologist, and he applied his skills in the first world war and thereafter. After concluding that the vast majority of his patients’ illnesses stemmed from emotional causes, Bach studied homeopathy and managed to establish a successful practice in the 1920s in London. He suspected that there must be a healing system that was more subtle and less invasive than homeopathy. Thus, he left his practice in London in 1930 and set out to the English countryside to find his answer. Bach keenly observed plants and, through a creative and experiential process, he concluded that flowers have different vibratory signatures that address specific emotional states.

Although Dr. Bach initially classified flower essences as herbal remedies, he later changed the term to flower remedies, presumably because herbal remedies imply chemical constituents in the product. The production of flower essences is directed so as to capture the vibration of the flower, not its chemical properties. Due to the absence of biochemical composition, there can be no conventional mechanism of action to explain how flower essences interact with the body. The approximate final dilution of a flower essence is 1:500,000, and what is left of the flower is believed to be energetic in nature. Also a homeopathic doctor, Bach declared that FET is a “new medicine.” Today, flower essences are classified as “energy” or “vibrational” medicine, supporting the principle that the human body’s natural healing capacity is enhanced by energy stimuli, which for FET, the energy stimulus is the specific vibratory frequency of a flower.

Flower essences are believed to work on the principle of energetic resonance, in that there is a pattern in the energy field of a living plant that transfers to water and is maintained by adding a preservative such as alcohol to the blossom-infused water. The flower is viewed as the crowning achievement of the plant, and thus it is believed to contain the highest concentration of its life-force energy. Colorplate Kirlian photographs taken of a single drop of individual flower essences reveal that each individual flower essence has its own distinctive, characteristic bioenergetic radiation pattern.  Current scientific advances in technology will aid in supporting the validity of flower essences.

Flower essences offer us an opportunity for our soul’s growth and evolution, and many shamans and prophecies purport that humanity is moving into the age of flowers as our collective consciousness raises into a higher frequency of existence.