About Services

For Individuals

1. Spiritual Guidance:

For complex issues, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual misalignments

2. Energy Healing of Quantum Auric Field (Human Energy Field – HEF):

This is an expression of the multidimensional architecture of a human being. The HEF includes 12 dimensions of reality, and issues that correspond to any and all aspects of the field are addressed.

This component includes the preparation of a Human Energy Field for the ascension process. This entails delving into consciousness mechanics in the lower and higher aspects of reality (i.e. auric & merkaba fields, DNA templates, fundamental structure and functionality of the Tree of Life, divine codes, crystalline templates, etc.)

3. Issues/Disturbances Relating to the Following:

a. Physical body: Inflammations, autoimmunity, disease, allergies, chemical injury, pain, benign and malignant tumors, metabolic and hormonal issues, cardiovascular issues and other organ systems, morphologic and physiologic aspects (i.e. inflammations, built-ups, atypical tissue growth – tumors), medication side effects and corresponding allergic reactions, post-surgery and post-traumatic recovery, poisoning and environmental issues, adjusting implant’s acceptability by the physical body, infections
b. Mental body: Psychosis (e.g. schizophrenia, depression, bi-polar, multi-personality psychosis), child autism, stress related issues
c. Emotional body: Childhood and adulthood traumas, woundings, stress related issues
d. Spiritual body: Resolution of occult issues (e.g. protection, alien abduction, black arts, haunted places, spiritual possessions, Dark contracts), finding one’s life mission, addressing one’s creativity and inner talents

4. Complex Individual Self-Explorative and Integrative Work:

This involves all aspects of a human individuated consciousness: wounding and defense system, past lives, DNA exploration and clearing, the sacred heart, personality structure, relationships, Higher-Self & Divine Spark, intentionality, guidance, awareness, and Higher Sensory Perception (HSP).

5. Specialty Spiritual Work:

This work involves human interaction with other realms of reality or Kingdoms (i.e. Mineral, Plant, Animal, Mystical, Planetary, Galactic, Universal, Cosmic) and places within our physical realm, which need energy healing, clearing or adjustments.

For Groups

1. Lectures    (see below:  2. a-h)

2. Workshops

a. Wounding- as a major issue of separation as a result from having been born into physicality
b. Matter of the Sacred Heart- a bridge between the physical and spiritual, a source of guidance, and the way humans connect with the other fellow humans as well as to Self
c. Guidance
d. Training in Higher Sensory Perception (HSP)
e. Awareness- as a way of being and way of life; the most important step in awakening, healing and ascension process
f. Intentionality- its place in a creative process and self-expression
g. Higher states of being
h. Utilizing the power of sacred states of self-expression in walking one’s path and in fulfillment of one’s life mission where the source of happiness resides

3. Group Healing

a. Work with the auric fields as a means to address personal wounding
b. Adjust the auric fields and the correlating conditions determined by each individual’s habitual responses based on lifestyle, societal pressures, and the human social environment
c. Work with the higher aspects of the Human Energy Field (HEF)