Physical Wellness: Body Detoxification

2 Detoxification Therapies Available


  1. Heavy metals
  2. Chemicals
  3. Processed food
  4. Overweight and seasonal wellness

 B. THRP: DRUG ADDICTION – A Comprehensive Detoxification

A. Food Based Detox

 Food based detox is using property of food & plant combination:

  • Plants
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Probiotics
  • Essential Oils
  • Micro-nutrients


  • Replenishment of Micro-nutrients
  • Detoxification
  • Re-building & Recovery of Tissue Function

The approach helps to boost detoxification of organ systems like the colon, liver, kidney and skin which are responsible for cleansing body as well as targeting impaired organs and body functions which need to be recovered.

Protocols are made for particular needs and issues.

Cost:      Dependent of Type of Session:

1. If advisory is a part of a session – charge per hour


2. Protocol only – $40

B. THRP:  The Total Health Recovery Program  for Drug Addiction

Xanax, Cocaine, Meth, Heroine, Speed, LSD, Alcohol, Benzodiazepines, & others

“A world class holistic treatment program that re-weaves the fabric of a person’s being.
Our program uses master healers and innovative diagnostic &
treatment technologies to treat mental disorders and all forms of addictions”

This is why THRP believes a person can go from being IN recovery to being RECOVERED.

THRP knows how to get at the core issues at every level.

  • Optimum Holistic & Spiritual Health Care
  • Beyond the “Traditional” Rehab Programs
  • Individualized Loving Care & Treatment
  • Profound Self-Healing
  • Sacred Space for your Total Health Recovery
  • Highly Trained Licensed Practitioners
  • “Our Goal is to return your life to you.”

Why The Total Health Recovery Program? They help you to END the relapse cycle. The efficient and effective program allows you to be RECOVERED.

Recovery is TOTAL and COMPLETE.

THRP provides a holistic medical supervised detox program as well as holistic rehabilitation services – NO ONE does that!

The program is for those who know they have a major problem with Alcohol and/or Drugs. They have tried stopping before and cannot. They are out of control. They may have lost their family and jobs and are beginning to have some serious legal problems. THRP is especially for those who want a holistic program where the focus is on getting well physically, emotionally and spiritually. They don’t want to just watch movies and do workbooks that tell them how bad drugs and alcohol are. They are seeking a transformation. A potential client must make a two week commitment. Their stay may be extended depending upon how well they do.

The head of the team will develop the treatment plan after receiving inputs from each healer. This treatment plan will continuously be updated as the client moves through his or her healing process. No other program has a process like this where the majority of the treatment team have the ability to read energy patterns and can assess how each treatment effects the client at all of the major levels of their being. This is not an assembly line treatment—not at all. The point person will decide hour by hour and day by day the selection and sequence of future treatments. This is a first in the field.

If the client is addicted to certain substances such as alcohol, speed, Zanex etc., they may need to go to a hospital for drug detox first before they would be considered for THRP.

The 21 day program:  The cost of the program is determined by the number and type of services required and whether medical detox with lodging and transportation is needed. They also require a non-refundable deposit at the time of registration, $2,000. It allows them to set-up your specific program and reserves your place in the program schedule. The remainder of the cost quoted is required to be paid on the 1st day you begin your program. All payments are to be made in USD. Financing is available with no interest for the first year in most cases.

For more information or questions on financing or payment,  please, contact me via email. Just click on the button below.