Emotional & Spiritual Wellness

Personal Process, Soul Alchemy & Spiritual Re-Integration, and Life Purpose

Mental and emotional health and spiritual well-being, fulfilled life purpose as we are walking our path is a foundation for a balance, harmony and peace we can experience within.  Healing a pattern of our defense and Soul integration together with heart connected to the process brings further self-realization about a greater Being we all are. It is necessary to shed light into these areas in order to have a full integration and understanding of a greater purpose of live. With this process a spiritual awareness and consciousness expansion comes hand in hand and as we continue to walk this path, fulfillment is reaching heights we’ve never expected to be there for us. Only this way, we can find joy and maximum of satisfaction on our journey, this process is universal to all humanity.

Learning and Self-Integration via Meditation & Experiential Process:

  • Body consciousness and its role of holding memory of emotional pain/hurt
  • DNA consciousness and release of patterns of pain/hurt
  • Patterns of emotional pain/hurt and their defense system – release
  • SOUL ALCHEMY and archetypal healing – SELF-INTEGRATION
  • Healing of relationships damaged by emotional patterns of behavior
  • Patterns in past lives and their precipitation into present moment program
  • Heart – history of relating and healing of karmic ties
  • Heart like a storage of memory
  • Heart like a guide
  • Heart like a healer – unifier and alchemist
  • Heart like a nourisher of physical body and Soul
  • Role of patterns of pain in co-creative process
  • Pattern which shapes our incarnation path – removal from all aspects of our Being
  • Body Elemental – Higher-Self – Personality Triad: role in guidance and claiming our equality with Spirit
  • Guidance in life – guardians and our Soul family
  • Spiritual entanglements and agendas supporting our patterns – removal
  • Claiming our sovereignty like a Spiritual Beings on Human Path
  • Talents held in Soul matrix, DNA and Soul family’s consciousness – their role in learning & Self-mastery
  • Self-awareness about energy field and unified field of reality
  • Opening of ESP or HSP – High Sensory Perception
  • Intentionality – role, alignment, energetics and practical use
  • Co- creative process based on expanded awareness – alignment, energetics and practical use
  • 12 strand DNA – awareness about functions and its activation
  • Soul longing and Life purpose
  • Hodling the frequency of Higher States of Being – gratitude, love, compassion, gracefulness, etc.
  • Exploring Universal and Cosmic levels of Self
  • Connection to Source

Cost:  Dependent upon the following 4 items:

  1. charge per hour
  2. length of a session to be determined and agreed upon (1-3 hours)
  3. frequency of sessions: every 1-4 weeks based on needs
  4. number of sessions: to be determined and agreed upon based on area of concern

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