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Mediation is an informal and flexible dispute resolution process. The mediator’s role is to guide the parties toward their own resolution. Through joint sessions and separate caucuses with parties, the mediator helps both sides define the issues clearly, understand each other’s position and move closer to resolution. Mediation is forward-looking; the goal is for all parties to work out a solution they can live with and trust. Mediation can be applied to personal, work-related, or legal conflicts.  It serves as a self-driven method to identify and dialogue about areas of concern that lead to unresolved issues in our lives. With the neutral support and guidance of a third party facilitator, mediation creates a safe space for concerns to be expressed, acknowledged and compassionately addressed. Mediation is an effective tool for cutting the cords that bind us to our past and nurturing our unrestricted movement into the future. The goal is to foster a more peaceful reality within the self and within the realms of our personal lives. Our mediation services are connected to a process of expansive self-exploration, self-reflection and identification of deeper issues involved in conflicting dynamics within a relationship. We are providing help with introspection into patterning and habitual behavior; its causes and exits. Such insights might help with resolving, balancing, pacifying, and finding a deeper purpose in life when setting up goals during the mediation process.  And finally we are helping with application of learning about self in everyday life.


  • Mediation of a conflict: marriage, parents & children, friendships, workplace, business partner , legal conflicts
  • Finding issues & their resolutions
  • Finding patterns of behavior and their roots in connection to issues – self-sabotage, judgments, victimization, fear, insecurities, emotional wounding
  • Heart’s role in relationships
  • Analysis about quality of your own relationships and their healing
  • Learning to interact : non-defensiveness and feeling a partner
  • Infusing heart into a connection
  • Deeper meaning of partner’s presence in your life
  • Application of learning for particular life situations
  • Finding goals

Our professional:  Kristin “Sky” Stith has been serving in the health and wellness community for over 20 years. She has devoted her life to easing and healing the suffering of others. A student of Physical Therapy at Ithaca College and a graduate of the New Mexico Academy of Advanced Healing Arts, she has worked in Physical Therapy with a focus on Quadriplegic rehabilitation. With fifteen years devoted to Elder and end-of-life care, her experience and skills cover a broad span of life’s ages and stages. Sky is currently a certified Mediator through UNM’s Anderson School of Business and is growing her private Mediation practice. She is pursuing further education in restorative justice and elder mediation, while developing a youth conflict prevention and resolution program. Sky brings a unique combination of holistic healing and applicable knowledge to her experience in mediation.

Cost for Mediation:  $250/hour

Cost of Rest of Services:  $100/hour