Energy Field: Learn to Work with Your Own Energy Field

Learning to Work with Your Own Energy Field

Self-Healing and Daily Routine

Part of self-care besides physical body’s needs for hygiene, physical exercise, a healthy diet and lifestyle is a care for energy field we all are immersed in. This energy field contains all causes of our well-being or deterioration of any part of body or area of our life. Maintaining energy cleanness and functionality of the field is a basic condition for having a high quality of life.  The understanding of functionality of each layer of the field is an important part of personal care.

Areas of Learning:

  • Cleansing
  • Grounding
  • Preparing energy field for work
  • Opening centers of perception
  • Awareness about body consciousness – Exploration of micro & macro levels (DNA, cells, organs, etc.)
  • Awareness about energy bodies, chakras, meridians, vertical power current, hara level, core essence, etc.
  • Learning of healing skills
  • Awareness and re-alignment with levels of own individuated Sacred Ray
  • Relational cords, streamers and resonance in repationship
  • Auric interactions between partners
  • Communion on auric, hara and divine core levels

Cost:  charge per hour or a sliding scale according volume of learned material or pre-planned themes of learning.

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