There is no cure for anything unless a particular person makes an effort to cure himself or herself and to get better. My role here is to assist on a journey of life and to become a facilitator for positive changes in the life of a person seeking my help. This way, I can make apparent ‘miracles’ happen, but it is the effort of my client, which triggers and brings a shift in their health and life circumstances.

Also, this approach doesn’t substitute for any part of a treatment program given by healthcare professionals and an established healthcare system. It must be understood that this is an unusual path towards recovery of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual conditions in a person’s state of being, a recovery triggered by an unified effort of a person, a practitioner and Spirit whatever this word means to you. Only a responsibility towards one’s Self and your own life’s path will help you to recover from conditions, which seem to be unrecoverable if looking at the surface of things.

-Vladimir Turek

1.  J.G., 65

“Spiritual medicine has been practiced by mankind, the world over, for thousands of years.  Shamanic healing has been a part of the history of the human species: its practitioners are often revealed and held sacred in their tribes and societies.

Clearly, Western Medicine has advanced the science of healing: but not completely and many of the diseases and conditions which still plague human beings are not understood or have resulted in cure.

Vladimir Turek possess gifts which are precious and special.  Few people have healing powers which transcend our normal thinking, especially in a world where the power of huge corporations shape the public mind and spew out propaganda designed to sell billions: often for conditions which which are contrived for the purpose of creating markets: not cures.

I do not discount that there is tremendous value in Western Medicine: but, like intuition, which we know operates in each one of us, many other levels of human power exist that are beyond definition and normal understanding.  Vladimir possesses the kinds of powers which few understand, but whose results are self evident.

I have been surprised and delighted to find that certain burdens which I have carried have been eased through my work with Vladimir: perhaps you will be too.

I should also mention that Vladimir is a Western trained medical doctor who has added his special shamanic gifts to his portfolio of healing arts.  This trend of Western trained doctors embracing alternative techniques of healing is growing: I believe for a good reason.”

-Dr. James Goldberg

2.  L.C.R., 33

“I was diagnosed with 3th stage of Hodgkin’s lymphoma with the cancer affecting my lymphatic nodes, throat, chin, heart, lungs and groin area.  Also, abnormal blood Reed-Sternberg cells were found in my blood stream. This was based on medical examinations that used x-rays, CT, MRI and blood tests. This happened in Jan 2013. The prognosis was 1 year of life without allopathic medicine therapy.  With radiation and chemotherapy, my body would be irreparably damaged and this way I wouldn’t be able to survive.  I have changed my diet and started to work on energy healing and yoga and Deeksha meditations.

After my prognosis, I started regular energy sessions combined with detailed counseling with Vladimir Turek.  After a span of 5-7 weeks, I went back to get tested and the doctors had to say just one thing initially: they could not believe that the cancer has shifted from the stage 3 into stage 1, barely.  Without having done radiation and chemotherapy, the cancer was also absent from my bloodstream. Their conclusion was that I had gone into full remission in a spectacularly fast rate.  They went on to explain that there are still a lot of things the medical science doesn’t have all the answers to regarding the behavior of cancerous cells.

What else can I say? I have my life back.”

3. D.F., 51

“I have worked with Vladimir Turek for approx. 5-6 months during 2012.  During that time, he taught me many tools to increase my skill set as an acupuncturist and energetic healer.  In addition, I was able to release many false beliefs that were not part of my authentic self.  As a result, I am able to delve into the heart of my clients (and myself) to perceive what the core issues are efficiently and effectively.

Vladimir is one of the most amazing teachers and healers I have ever experienced (and I have been working with healers for over 8 years now).  He has true compassion for the earth / for mankind and is a heart centered practitioner.

His work is unique in that he works with layers of energetic fields and has a comprehensive understanding of total body/ mind /soul/over soul communication. I would recommend his work 110% if you are searching for the “real deal” and are serious in putting the work and time into your total growth/healing and self love, or are in need of a profound healing in general.”

-Dorine F, Licensed Acupuncturist  and Energetic Healer, Dallas, Texas

4.  J.R., 28

“I have struggled with substance abuse for the past 5 years.  I’ve also spent $200,000 on treatment programs.  Although I’ve tried every drug, the two that I became addicted to were Xanax and Heroin.  Although I met with a mindful cognitive behavioral therapist twice a week, an M.D. twice a month, an acupuncturist twice a week, did yoga 3 days a week, and meditated every day, I still was in heavy withdrawals after 50 days of detox.  The problem was that my energy field frequency was so disrupted that I couldn’t recover.  After trying every form of Western medicine that exists, and most forms of alternative medicine, I was running out of options.  Having been a Psychology of Addiction major in college, I tried everything.  My health was spiraling down as I lost 35 pounds;  I couldn’t eat, sleep, or function in any normal manner.   I lost passion for life while experiencing extreme hopelessness and an intense depression without end, bringing me to the conclusion that life doesn’t have value anymore.   Chances for the recovery of the physiology of my physical body were slim and chances that there is a permanent impairment of physical health were very high.  I was referred to Vladimir Turek, a powerful healer, and with the help from Vladimir, I quit all substances with more ease than ever before.  After every session, I felt more complete.  Substances I quit almost simultaneously include cigarettes, heroin, Xanax, pot, sugar, and caffeine.  The combined withdrawal lasted over 3 months, but could have lasted 6 months or more with the high chance of failure or even death since I had done the ‘cold turkey’ approach. It’s been done really in ‘high speed train’ fashion.  I highly suggest using Vladimir for a number of ailments.”

5. L.F., 56    

“Forty years of intermittent counseling did not do much for me; mostly it was a band-aid for circumstantial crisis, where childhood and life traumas were touched with little effect.  As a consequence, I have been plagued by those for all my life…until I met Vladimir by divine intervention for healing sessions when I came down with breast cancer for the second time around.  I knew all along that cancer meant transformation and personal growth, and that cancer has mostly its origin in suppressed, traumatized and unfulfilled emotions, often from way back when, and stress in general. With his professional skills, sharp insight, gentle and genuine approach,  his protocol of multi-dimensional energy healing and the home work he assigned me to do, which was amazingly very instrumental, brought me with his guidance, ‘DEEP to the core of my issues.’ After a few months working with him, I hit the game changing point, where he and I connected the dots and the revelation of the big picture was shown to me on a physical, spiritual and soul level; therefore, healing on a deep and multi-dimensional level could take place.  He took me where nobody else has ever taken me in healing or counseling, and Vladimir’s multi-dimensional healing sessions where he also uses essential oils to repair and secure my energy field , became a life changing experience!!!.  Being in the health field for many years and knowing somewhat about psychotherapy/counseling, I have never experienced a modality like the one Vladimir implements. His healing seems to cut down 50% of the so-called ‘regular counseling sessions.’ He cuts right to the chase, without bla, bla, bla…

It’s with deep gratitude, Vladimir that I feel blessed to have met you, and for the great Healer  and team player you are on my journey to Wholeness. I recommend you highly as more people need to walk the Proximity To Wholeness. Blessings to you.”

-LF, New Mexico

6. S.S., 68

“Vladimir Turek has been a big help in long distance (remote) healing with one of my relatives in California who had Crohn’s disease – autoimmune illness of intestines. Mr. Turek did three healings between 2006 – 2010  on my relative who no longer has this disease. He has been symptom-free from Crohn’s disease since 2010.”

7.  S.M.S., 65

“Vladimir Turek has helped me with an assortment of symptoms having to do with chemical sensitivity and chronic fatigue. Throughout the years, this main work has been helping me with Spiritual impairment based on Spiritual and multi-dimensional intrusion. This work, exotic as it may sound, quickly brought an end to my considerable neck and shoulder pain. I am very thankful for this.”

8.  P.J.Q., 45

“One of the life giving keys to self awareness and transformation lies within the emotional body.  Vladimir Turek is the gatekeeper that gently assists you in opening the doorway to the tender process of identifying and healing the inner emotional landscape to one of spectacular beauty.”

 -Pamela Jo McQuade, International Award Winning Author of ‘Spiritually Rich and Sexy: A Woman’s Guide to Becoming Infinitely Attractive’ 

9.  S.S.K., 71

“After having a triple bypass heart surgery, the doctor found a clot in my heart.  Vladimir Turek was able to remove it using energy medicine interventions.  He was able to find the cause of my heart problems, which were mainly due to past emotional wounds.

He has helped me many times and in many ways.  He has the gift of ‘sight’.  One cannot label him.  He is this or he is that.  He is a spiritual man with a compassionate heart and is extremely competent in what he does.

I recommend to anyone interested in doing serious healing work.”

-Sadhu Singh Khalsa, MSW

10.  G.O., 56

“My anxiety has many facets, and I need to be able to contain it.  That’s my long-term and continuing struggle.

As a result of our sessions, I have confronted the fact that my discomfort is deeply rooted and must be addressed at that level.   I realize that my physical symptoms are an expression of emotional issues.  I continue to use the vivid and comforting images that were developed with your guidance.  Also, it has been helpful to continually remind myself of your advice to live in the present.  Most beneficial has been your ability to frame my distress in ways that give me hope that I can find a way to deal with it.

At this time, the ‘objective’ assessment of my improvement as a result of your treatment is 30%, but if over time I can use it to better pull my life together, that percentage will be considerably higher.”

11.  A.B.  – SYMPTOMS OF AUTISM ,  12

“Dear children,

I am one of doctor Vladimir Turek  patient. I love how he understands what I’m going through and every session with him has been great and I feel  1,000 times better with him than ever.”

12. N.M., 24

“I was in a hospital with kidneys failure (at age 18), dying and a medical team concluding that even an option of kidneys  transplantation is out of table because my metabolism was failing (toxic products of my own metabolism) so I would not be able to survive a surgery. They were giving me 1 week of life.  In case of a more positive outcome, a new kidney would cost over $250,000 and further care in next 20 years would reach $300,000. I had received a healing from Vladimir Turek with almost full recovery of my kidneys and detox of my body.  Now, I am 24 and I am healthy, a happy father of 2 year old child. My kidneys are working.”

13. T.C., 15

“I am 15 and I’ve suffered from hearing voices, seeing dark beings making my life miserable.  I had even considered to end my life at a certain point.  Vladimir healed me and explained to me the causes of my struggle.  Now, I feel normal again.”


“5 year old child, a girl, was poisoned by her own mother using a car coolant poured to the child’s tea cup. The result was a tremendous excruciating pain and a horrifying process of dying.  After  6 hours of this tragic enfoldment, an emergency team arrived and transported the child to hospital. Doctors announced that there is no much hope for the child because her kidneys were literally destroyed. In case of survival, life long struggle and a reduced life span with extremely decreased quality of life would be an outcome. After a multitude of healing sessions done remotely by Vladimir Turek and a year of treatment, this child miraculously recovered with full health and has begun to attend an elementary school with only a year of delay. The medical team was saying that sometimes miracles happen.”

15. G.B., 75

1)   “I’ve been seeing Vladimir for the last 3 months.

My diagnosis  are:

    • diabetes type II
    • sleep apnea
    • asthma
    • hypertension
    • diverticulitis
    • esophagus and stomach ulcers
    • severe reflux
    • severe chronic depression
    • anxiety times disease
    • severe stress
    • severe MVA accident
    • both knees surgically repaired in 6 months

Vladimir started spiritual healings on me and after the 1st session, I felt some relief and after 3 more sessions including a long distance healing while I was hospitalized, I feel so much better. Many symptoms have been considerably diminished as I continue my sessions with Vladimir at the present time.”

2)  “I spoke to Vladimir about helping my 13 yr old grandson who has had symptoms of autism.  My grandson’s doctor said that because of the physical problems at birth, which included seizures, kidney problems and hypertension, he was developmentally delayed. This child is unable to read past 3rd grade level and he can’t remember two commands given at once. He flounders in questions about anything, finally stating, ‘I don’t know.’ He was exhibiting frustration and anger, feeling unworthiness and unloved, unable to please and hopelessness. The difference after one visit with Vladimir was amazing. He is now a completely different child: he’s now reading Star Wars books, doing word puzzles, and wants to play guitar.

My plan for him is to continue with Vladimir on monthly bases in person and long distance, observation and energy healing with him.  Vladimir is a wonderful guidance counselor and spiritual healer for the entire family and I am so blessed to have found him. I feel that he has a special connection with children and that all children would benefit from an experience with Vladimir enabling them to understand themselves and their potential in this lifetime. ”

16. O.G., 65

Grandfather’s  testimonial  (Belgium)

“My 7 year old grandson has problems at school, talking slowly and monotonous.  Boys did not want to play with him; they saw him as ‘strange,’ and he was teased a lot and became isolated. He then received the diagnosis of Autism. My son and daughter-in-law decided to bring him to another school, led by a Catholic Order with smaller classes and more individual support.

A few months later, I consulted Vladimir Turek and he began long-distance healing.  Now, six months later, my grandson is making very good progress: he is making social contact much easier, has a school friend, is following the normal school program, and likes to go to school, which he hated before.

He is now accepted the way he is by his classmates, and I am sure Vladimir’s influence on him has been very positive in his transformation.  I would recommend others to consult Vladimir in similar cases.”

-Oege Goslings

17. S.C., 42

“After the tragic loss of my husband from suicide, I was left alone with my two teenage children, all of us in tremendous emotional and mental shock similar to PTSD.  The family believed that occult forces were involved in the situation. Vladimir helped us to recover mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as well as remedying the occult spiritual aspect, which was overwhelming.   Vladimir was able to cleanse the house of demonic energies and bring clarity to the situation. Having this aspect resolved allowed all of us to have a life again. The conclusion that ‘forces of evil’ were participating in this situation was confirmed by positive results of healing, which used technology of Spirit (clearing, purification, portal closing, entity removal, etc.) to bring desirable results.”

18.  D. S., 61

“Vladimir worked with me on different areas of my body. I recalled some specific incidents where the original injury occurred  and he was able to see the patterns creating the problem and what I needed to do to clear the pain. When he got to my left foot, which had been broken over 13 years ago while dancing and it still hurt most of the time, he saw a nail or spike being driven through that same place in some past life. As soon as the treatment was over and I put weight on my foot, there was no pain at all. Since then, I have been able to dance even barefoot on hard ground. I am so grateful as I am free to do what I have always loved !!”

-Debbie, New Mexico